Programa KEEP+

Grupo de trabajo de formación y  gestión del conocimiento KEEP+ Misión El Grupo de Formación y Gestión del Conocimiento (KEEP+) de la Plataforma Tecnológica CEIDEN es un espacio de intercambio de ideas y experiencias alrededor de la formación y la gestión del conocimiento, y tiene como misión analizar las necesidades y generar oportunidades para el sector nuclear[…]

ZIRP Project

Introduction ZIRP Project was started in 2005 and was coordinated by Gas Natural Fenosa Engineering. The goal of this project is to recover several samples from the vessel internals of the Jose Cabrera NPP to test extracted materials at the laboratory the extracted materials and evaluate their properties, after having undergone a long period of[…]

Jules Horowitz Reactor

Introduction The Jules Horowitz Reactor (JHR) Project is a CEA initiative, and it is aimed at the construciton of a research reactor, scheduled to operate in 2014, that superseeds current research reactors (HALDEN, OSIRIS, etc) that are currently in the final stage of operation.

Concrete. Use of Zorita’s materials

Introduction The goal of this project, which was started in 2008, is to obtain new knowledge related to ageing processes of concrete structures of NPPs in the end of their life-cycle, as well as the identificaiton, development, optimization and validation of non-destructive testing methods applicable to this type of structures.

Spent fuel storage and transport

Introduction This program was started in 2004 and was coordinated by UNESA, with the particpation of the electric companies throughout UNESA, CSN, ENRESA, ENUSA, CIEMAT, ENSA and GAS NATURAL FENOSA Engineering.


Introduction In 2011 it was planned the spanish participation in the international initiative ESNII promoted by the european platform SNETP. This european initiative is aimed at the construction of prototypes or demonstrators of technologies such as SFR (ASTRID prototype), LFR (MYRRHA prototype and ALFRED demonstrator), and GFR (demonstrator ALLEGRO), within an horizon between 2022 to[…]

Neutron measurements and standards laboratory

Introduction In the CEIDEN General Assembly, which was celebrated in 2011, it was agreed the creation of a group of users of the neutron standard laboratories (UPM) and under development (CIEMAT) in our country to know their capabilities, propose possible additional applications and promote the use of which.

Capabilities of the Spanish Nuclear Industry

Introduction In the last Gen II reactor projects in Spain, the participation of the Spanish nuclear industry outscored 80%, after an important development of industry capabilities in the Spanish nuclear program.