KEEP+ Program

Working group on training and knowledge management, KEEP+


The Working Group on training and knowledge management (KEEP+) of the CEIDEN Platform is a space for the Exchange of ideas and experiences around training and knowledge management, which has as its own mission to analyze the needs and to generate opportunities for the nuclear sector in this area.


The KEEP+ Group is intended to be a solid reference for the nuclear sector in all matters relating to training and knowledge management, due to both: its influence on the configuration of strategies of public and private organizations, and to the development of modelling exercises, build of skills and creation of spaces for thought and innovation.

Main goal

To add value to the organizations of the nuclear sector by means of the promotion and support to knowledge creation and management.

Specific goals

  • To identify the needs and key features towards which training and KM must aim, depending on their impact on organizations.
  • To promote a space where key knowledge is exchanged, in addition to competences development schemes.
  • To provide a set of metrics which makes visible the impacts that KM has on the main goal of this group.
  • To disseminate knowledge on the different masters degrees and doctorates in nuclear currently available in Spain so that more students enroll in them.
  • To be a forum from which information on training and KM programs can be obtained, both at a country and European/international level.
  • To promote the participation of the Spanish nuclear sector in European calls and funding programs for training and KM.
  • To establish synergies among its members, that add value to the activities carried out by the Spanish nuclear sector with regard to training and knowledge management.

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