SIREN Group: Nuclear Reactor Simulation

The SIREN Group was established in 2016, with the purpose of elaborating a “Catalogue of Calculation Codes” that are used, implemented and/or developed by the organizations in the Spanish nuclear sector.

This catalogue is very helpful for the Spanish companies in order to disseminate their capabilities in core simulation and nuclear plant safety.

Furthermore, the SIREN group aims at promoting and disseminating its own simulation capabilities, particularly by means of the OECD/NEA Data Bank CPS (Computer Program Services) service and by organizing Workshops and Technical Meetings that gather users of these codes.

The two main objectives of the SIREN group are:

Managing and promoting the “Catalogue of Calculation Codes”

The codes catalogue includes exclusively the organizations that have participated in this compilation project, so that it does not include information relating those organizations that have not participated. Said information could be incorporated in next versions of this document.

Currently (May 2023), 19 institutions from CEIDEN are taking part in the Catalogue: Analisis-DSC, CIEMAT, CSN, EEAA, ENSA, ENSO, ENUSA, Iberdrola, IDOM, INGECID, Naturgy, Grupo NFQ, SEA, Tecnatom, Thunder, UNED, UPC, UPM, UPV. 

The catalogue comprises 118 codes/databases in total, distributed over 20 different areas:

  • Site Evaluation – Ambient Dose (14)
  • System TH (12)
  • PSA (11)
  • Fuel-Thermomechanics (10)
  • Radiation damage (8)
  • Monte Carlo (7)
  • Cell-Fuel element (7)
  • 3D Kinetics (7)
  • S&U (6)
  • Inventory/Activation
  • Subchannel TH (5),
  • Shieldings (5)
  • CFD TH (4),
  • Severe Accidents (4)
  • Databases (4)
  • Emergency support system (3),
  • Containment (2)
  • Nuclear data processing (1)
  • Multi-physics (1)
  • Fuel Cycle (1)

Note: the number between parentheses indicates the number of codes employed in each area.

The most recent version of this Catalogue (December 2021) can be accessed through this link.

Organizing Workshops and Codes Users’ Meetings

The objectives of these meetings are:

  • To disseminate the activities of the SIREN group among code users.
  • To know the simulation capabilities of the various organizations and the developments that are being undertaken.
  • To identify experts.
  • To share experiences in simulation.
  • To foster relationships or collaborations between institutions: R&D national and international projects.
  • To build synergies among all SIREN group users, so that more initiatives and/or activities are proposed to CEIDEN.

Information on the SIREN group activities

CEIDEN/UPM Workshops

Other events