La International Energy Agency (IEA), agencia intergubernamental que de forma autónoma opera bajo el marco de la Organización para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo Económicos (OCDE), convoca una plaza con la siguiente descripción:

China Programme Manager (Job number: 11994)

The IEA seeks to recruit a Programme Manager to lead its work on China. Energy markets are global, with well over half of the growth in world energy demand and supply now occurring in transition and emerging economies, particularly in the Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East . China, in particular, is of key importance to the IEA as the world largest consumer of energy and is one of the first countries joining the IEA as an association country in 2015.  The person selected will be the Agency’s focal point for relations with China. This will involve developing a strategic overview of energy issues and analysing and monitoring developments (political, economic and energy-related) in China.

The chosen candidate will work, in close collaboration and consultation with other IEA divisions, to advance the wide-ranging collaborations between IEA and China under the general guidance of the Head of the Division for Asia Pacific and Partnerships.

Main Responsibilities

Analysis and project management

  • Lead the Agency’s work on China, including co-authoring and reviewing  reports and publications to meet the needs and priorities agreed by Member countries. This will involve:
  • Monitoring and analysing developments in Chinese energy issues, the evolution of its energy policies and the economic and political implications of China’s energy linkages to global and regional markets, with a particular focus on world energy security and transition to cleaner energy. This will include developments in oil, gas, coal, electricity and renewables and other resources, investment, production, energy imports and exports, stocks and consumption, energy efficiency, and energy-related carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Carry out and participate in specific sectoral and/or regional studies related to developments in the energy situation and energy policies of China.
  • Build and guide multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary project teams consisting of IEA staff and external experts to take forward the Agency’s work in this area. Contribute personally to these activities through intellectual and technical leadership, coaching and developing staff, as well as by winning and managing resources to support the project. Participate in recruitment and identify external experts.
  • Support the broader activities of the IEA through analytical, written and verbal contributions, development of web content and briefs on all aspects related to China. Contribute to the development of the Agency’s programme of work. Identify key priorities for action.

Liaison and Outreach

  • Maintain IEA relations with China, both at a technical and political level, and develop and execute proactive projects that would influence energy policy making in China. Organise and co-ordinate relevant bilateral and multi-lateral activities with China.
  • Collaborate with other Divisions in the Agency and other organisations to ensure that the Chinese regional dimension is taken into account. Ensure that Agency staff is informed of emerging and important developments in China.
  • Participate in preparations for meetings of the IEA Standing Group for Global Energy Dialogue, working parties, and conferences as required; participate in relevant meetings of other international organisations; provide support for the development of reports, analyses and information items for these meetings. Organise the participation of Chinese delegations to high-level and other meetings of the IEA.
  • Maintain contacts with policy-level government officials, other international organisations, industry, research institutes, universities and NGOs. Promote the work of the Agency externally to a wide range of audiences through organising and participating in workshops, making presentations and holding bilateral meetings.


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