Proceedings of an International Conference Held in Lyon, France, 23–26 October 2017

A plant life management (PLiM) programme is an effective tool that allows an operator to manage ageing effects in structures, systems and components (SSCs) for long term operation of nuclear power plants. Such a programme helps facilitate decisions concerning when and how to repair, replace or modify SSCs in an economically optimized way, while assuring that the highest levels of safety are maintained.

This publication is the proceedings of the fourth in a series of international conferences convened by the IAEA on nuclear power plant life management. The conference provided a forum for information exchange on national and international policies, as well as on regulatory practices, and for the demonstration of strategies, including their application in ageing management and PLiM programmes for operating and new nuclear power plants.

The proceedings include the opening address, presentations of the keynote speakers, summaries of the individual technical sessions, and conclusions and recommendations of the chairperson of the conference.

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