September 27th marked the beginning of European Nuclear Young Generation Forum (ENYGF`21) congress taking place in Tarragona 27th-30th. The opening session counted with the participation of Hector Dominguis, president of Spanish Nuclear Safety Society (SNE), Jadwiga Najder, president of European Nuclear Society Young Generation Network  (ENS-YGN), Petros Papadopoulos, ex-president of ENS-YGN, Francisco Suárez (president of the Congress ENYGF’21 and Jóvenes Nucleares), and Javier Dies, Nuclear Safety Council Commissioner, and President of the Nuclear Fission R+D Technology Platform (CEIDEN).

J.Dies has gratefully appreciated this opportunity to evidence the relevance of the work performed by ENYGF to serve as a link between the current generation of nuclear energy professionals and new generations.

Afterwards, Commissioner Dias, Gabriel Pavel, Executive Director at European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN), Abderrahim Al-Mazouzi Chair of Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP), Leon Cizelj Division Head Scientific Councilor del Josef Stefan Institute  and former president of ENEN, Jaime Redondo (TECNATOM) and Roberta Cirillo (ENEN) debated in the roundtable on “How training can shape your career path: Life-long learning and guidance” which is organized by the European Nuclear Energy Network (ENEN).

J. Dies has focused his words on the contribution of permanent learning by the Regulator as a crucial constituent to guarantee the competence to warrant the regulatory efficiency, and supervision of safety before the citizens.  In a similar way, he has remarked the relevance in the professional career of life-long training from the very beginning, as well as for the Regulatory Body.

ENYGF congress meets biennially. Since the beginning in 2005, it was celebrated in Zagreb, Amsterdam, Córdoba, Prague, Stockholm, Paris, Manchester, Gent and this year in Tarragona with the participation of 150 all over Europe young professionals in the nuclear field.

The European Nuclear Education Network, (ENEN) is an international nonprofit organization. The main purpose of the ENEN Association is the preservation and the further development of expertise in the nuclear fields by higher education and training in Europe.