Webinars on Nuclear Technology Breakthroughs for the 21st Century

Next Generation CANDU Reactors: Goals and Challenges

Advanced CANDU reactors incorporate a set of innovative features complemented with state of the art proven technologies This webinar will focus on technological advancements of the CANDU next generation in addressing relevant gaps and challenges. The international experts will speak about the evolution of CANDU reactor designs and the units in operation, relevant computational modelling tools, and will overview the current advancements in CANDU technology development, associated gaps and challenges.

This Webinar will serve as a forum for information exchange on the advanced CANDU technologies by sharing experience and expertise through presentations and discussions.


• Opening Remarks, Ms Tatjana Jevremovic, IAEA
• Introduction of the Webinar Speakers, Mr Haseeb ur Rehman, IAEA
• The Evolution of CANDU Technology and Units in Operation, Mr Tariq Majeed, Pakistan
• Development of Computational Tools for the Advanced CANDU Reactors, Mr Jong Yeob Jung, Republic of Korea
• Advanced CANDU Reactor Designs: Goals and Challenges, Mr Peter Allsop, Canada
• Q & A Session, Mr Haseeb ur Rehman, IAEA
• Closing Remarks, Mr Haseeb ur Rehman, IAEA

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