Global Forum for Nuclear Innovation 2021

Dear Innovators,

Are you as excited as we are about the revolutionary possibilities innovation brings to the nuclear industry?

From advanced manufacturing and digital twinning to frameworks for comparable data and machine learning – the top 4 innovations identified by nuclear leaders in 2019 –  the industry is primed to accelerate innovative technologies for existing plants.

As the energy sector looks to accelerate economy-wide low-carbon solutions to mitigate climate impacts and meet society’s energy needs, nuclear power will play a vital role next to other low-carbon clean sources. In order for the nuclear industry to sustain that role, it must adopt a culture of deploying innovation.

Only together as a community dedicated to pioneering nuclear energy innovation next to renewables and other green resources, can we achieve nuclear’ s sustained integration into a future energy system that is clean, affordable and reliable.

At the 2019 Global Forum held in South Korea, industry leaders focused on ways to accelerate deployment of innovations for the current fleet. The identified top 4 innovations are all being worked on around the world today, to drive these areas forward. 

The 2021 Global Forum for Nuclear Innovation, co-organized by EDF, EPRI, the IAEA, the UK NNL and the OECD / NEA will continue to build this critical worldwide community to drive nuclear technology innovation.

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And lastly, save the date for the Global Forum for Nuclear Innovation!  October 25-26, 2021 – the conversation will continue!

Neil M. Wilmshurst,

EPRI Senior Vice President, Energy System Resources

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